Expatriation [noun]

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Now, as I have intimated, these expatriation cases have all been decided on their individual merits.

We have agreed that residence in a foreign land, without intent to return, shall of itself work expatriation.

Melmotte himself spoke his "native" language fluently, but with an accent which betrayed at least a long expatriation.

No see exhibits more instances of this expatriation than Dromore, lying as it did in an unsettled and tumultuous country.

This we learned from a Union man to whom he had shown a copy of the terrible expatriation law!

These, however, were the subtler difficulties arising to confront him as the expatriation stretched into years.

The burden of proof on the Government in an expatriation case is like that in denaturalization.

In the first place, the expatriation issue wasn't decided until that time.

That is the expatriation issue was open until he came back in and applied for the passport.

Yes; that is the same thing with the expatriation card which should have been made out for Oswald in 1960.