Expectant [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Expectant:

When the crowd saw who he was the argument desisted forthwith, the crowd became quiet and respectful, moreover expectant.

The host hastily poured whiskey-and-soda lest he should look haughtily expectant.

It was fragrant with the perfume of violets, and he stood gazing at her portrait expectant of her coming.

The expectant audience scarcely breathed as he began his theme.

But her ears magnified a thousandfold each crackling of a log and each creak of the floor sent expectant shivers along her spine.

The singular motions she proceeded to make gave not a particle of hope to the expectant lover.

At Healys, under the strident elevated station, a few guests were entering the blazing dining-rooms, laughing and expectant.

And now they had to deal seriously with Mr. Gunning, who stood expectant, holding his hat and stick.

The porter deposited our bags on the quay and stood patiently expectant like a dog who lays a stick at its master's feet.

Dr. Ashton turned round in his chair as the door opened, and looked expectant.