Expectantly [adverb]

Definition of Expectantly:


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Sentence/Example of Expectantly:

In her book, Lockman describes how expectant fathers told researchers that they anticipated their wives would shoulder more of the new childcare responsibilities.

Over and over again, we heard a sense of optimism for the future — even if these expectant parents admitted it was, quite possibly, irrational.

The medical community is increasingly moving away from using the “vulnerable” label for pregnant people, but pharmaceutical companies must still take certain precautions when designing study protocols that include expectant mothers.

Its fans include Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton, as well as legions of professional women and expectant mothers.

Stray goats and mules gazed expectantly up and down the track.

Mr. Klick had emerged from cover and was standing expectantly with his hand on the cap.

The clerk had put them all up now and packed them into the basket and stood expectantly with the list checked off in his hand.

The children watched him disappear around the curve and then turned to Jess expectantly.

Expectantly I follow his movements; I recognize the vigorous slam of the door and the click of the spring lock.

Happy and desirable is the home where the children burst in expectantly or full of news concerning something that interests them!