Expectations [noun]

Definition of Expectations:

belief, anticipation

Synonyms of Expectations:

Opposite/Antonyms of Expectations:

Sentence/Example of Expectations:

Railway expectations ran high; immense traffic receipts, sorely needed, ought to have swelled the coffers of the companies.

But he was studious, diligent, and anxious to avoid repremands and to fulfil the expectations of his parents.

Great results were prophesied from it at first, but so far it has by no means realised expectations.

Her family—that of the bourgeoisie of Nancy—fooled Castanier about the size of her dowry and her "expectations."

The saloons, rooms, and internal arrangements corresponded to the high expectations which the sight of the outside raised.

It seemed printed in letters of gold, and, filled with high yearnings and expectations, I took it home to my beloved Anna.

Fortune had favoured me far above my expectations, and I saw nought before me but a career of distinction under my new master.

It now looked as if the drink of milk might materialize, but alas for human expectations!

For his own part he did not think it was; it would only lead to expectations which it would be impossible to satisfy.

I had now my first trial of my Norman horse; he fully answered my expectations, and almost my wishes.