Expectorated [verb]

Definition of Expectorated:

cough up

Synonyms of Expectorated:




Spit out

Opposite/Antonyms of Expectorated:


Sentence/Example of Expectorated:

The others, sitting on the floor, backs to the wall and knees drawn up to chins, smoke their pipes and expectorate.

"I'll be damned if I know," he responded, looking around for some place to expectorate and finding none.

He is advised not to blow the nose, but to hawk as much of the secretion as possible backwards and then expectorate it.

He was sitting perched like a toad on the wood-box where he could expectorate with convenience into the ashpan of the stove.

On one occasion he was playing a very close game, in the midst of which he left the table to expectorate in the fireplace.

"This ain't no place to work like that," he said; then he began to expectorate over my block and annoy me in that way.

Some people labour under the disadvantage of being unable to expectorate, but it is not a fatal defect.

Don Jorge was everywhere, and none could talk so volubly nor gesticulate and expectorate so vehemently as he.

It is barbarous to expectorate in the temple of your faith, but that doubtless is an extreme case.

In this manner he says he has been always able to make the patient expectorate a certain quantity of false membrane.