Expects [verb]

Definition of Expects:

believe strongly; anticipate

Opposite/Antonyms of Expects:

Sentence/Example of Expects:

One in six respondents also expected to lose their health insurance.

As the oldest boy of nine siblings, his parents expected him to work.

Morales said some students still need to get their childhood vaccines before they are permitted to return and expects them to do so in the coming days.

We expect six more… We’ve seen customers who have to change their mindset when it comes to energy.

“We still expect a multiyear recovery for demand, especially with the full economic fallout on household incomes and employment yet to be seen,” Liberum said.

You’ve seen a drop, but actually not as not as high as you might expect, from reduced commuting.

Airbnb warned to expect more losses in the fourth quarter, as infection rates continue to climb.

Once a vaccine is cleared, distribution is expected to be a significant challenge.

More prolonged events also come around more frequently than might be expected.

We dramatically tone down the sweetness and bitterness you might expect in a traditional aperitif.