Expedience [noun]

Definition of Expedience:

suitableness, appropriateness

Opposite/Antonyms of Expedience:

Sentence/Example of Expedience:

Now this expedience is the desideratum to be sought, either without the experience of means, or with that experience.

But expedience and right are as far asunder, in truth, as is the distance from pole to pole.

Now this expedience is the desideratum, to be sought either without the experience of means or with that experience.

Every consideration of justice, expedience, and necessity, calls for such a grant.

Parliament has declared the expedience of these lines by having passed the bills for their formation.

And thus it was decided, after some indecisive fashion, that their client should be sounded as to the expedience of a compromise.

Probably comes from Beating The Crowd, never seeing individuals, just the mass—the enemy of expedience.

Depth of the stitch into the material varies considerably—an indication of expedience rather than ornamentation.

The ceremony itself is dispatched with expedience and rapidity, yet without any semblance whatever of haste.

The delay had been due far less to his sense of its expedience than to the tremors of his cowardice.