Expeditiously [adverb]

Definition of Expeditiously:

very quickly

Synonyms of Expeditiously:

Opposite/Antonyms of Expeditiously:


Sentence/Example of Expeditiously:

Developing a unified approach to solve climate problems equitably, effectively and expeditiously is among the biggest challenges we face.

“It was clear a couple of weeks ago to me that we were not moving expeditiously enough in the commonwealth of Virginia,” he said.

Everyone should have equitable access to the vaccine as expeditiously as possible, but we need to prioritize folks based on public health criteria, not on where someone is from.

The review process is thorough and objective and is conducted as expeditiously as possible under the circumstances.

We have the information, and we’re able to work expeditiously on our end of it, so we’re not slowing things down, either.

He dined silently and expeditiously at his club, and then made his way through the lighted streets to his lodgings in Bloomsbury.

The Counter Officers had, therefore, to work under difficulties; but they got through their manifold duties expeditiously.

In my division we had eleven wagons; and we travel more expeditiously, with but little difficulty in finding grass for our cattle.

In this manner the lake was being expeditiously cleared of the rafts of floating logs.

It filled expeditiously, and the battery was soon erected, the merlons being framed of logs and filled with earth.