Expelling [verb]

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It was soon whispered about that Doctor Graham had resolved on expelling Scarborough and all his set.

Having embraced his service they quickly succeeded in expelling the northern invaders.

They obtained the assistance of the municipal officers in seeking out and expelling intruders, even hawkers and pedlars.

Her passion had not spent itself, but gathered cruelly in her heart, expelling peace and ease.

"The late unpleasantness," said Finnegan, with an expelling wave of his hand.

Gran'ma said they were making a mounting out of a molehill—and expelling people did the school no good.

On the next day a meeting of the whole club was to be held that the propriety of expelling him might be discussed.

They often effect cures by the occult use of medicines, or by entering the body and expelling evil humours.

Anthelmintic, an-thel-mint′ik, adj. destroying or expelling worms.

With his own august hands he wrote and signed an order, expelling Mademoiselle Montez from the principality.