Expended [verb]

Definition of Expended:

exhaust; spend

Synonyms of Expended:

Opposite/Antonyms of Expended:

Sentence/Example of Expended:

His team fed colugo data into metabolic models of other tree-dwelling mammals to estimate how much energy colugos expend to both glide and climb.

Grab some bon bons, kick back and let this little clean machine expend all the energy.

I expended an embarrassing amount of energy flopping and tossing, futilely trying to heat my distant digits and certain I would look down in the morning to find 10 little specimens of frostbite.

The second stage of two stage ranking is where precision is much more important, and much more resource is expended, whilst also possibly adding further measures of relevance to really separate the gold in top ranks.

While businesses know how crucial this is to mitigate losses in productivity and turnover, there are still costs that must be expended to make a meaningful difference.

Nothing, not even a brainless plant, is going to expend a third of its energy on something that can be had for free.

That caused it to misfire its thrusters and expend fuel, and a communication error meant that NASA was not able to correct the issue until it had used too much fuel to allow it to continue to the Space Station as planned.

From accounts preserved of the sums expended at sundry public feasts at Coventry (Anno 1452 to 1464) we find that 2s.

The prizes were plate, and the profits were to be expended in repairing the havens of the kingdom.

In the evening the little theatre is illuminated regardless of expense, a fabulous sum being expended on extra lamps.