Expenditures [noun]

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Throughout the German States the custom of smoking is universal and tobacco enters largely into their list of expenditures.

I pointed that out to Mr. Prentice; but he is limited in expenditures, I suppose, the paper being a new venture.

One of the first items drastically reduced in the local and state budgets was school expenditures.

At least she was careful about our expenditures, and of course she must have been about her own.

Thirteen years were passed in this succession of toils, expenditures, trials and failures.

He was obliged to adopt a descending scale of charges and expenditures to keep pace with his declining circulation—a fatal sign.

But the partners had little to show for their sufferings and expenditures but rumors and hopes.

Railroad fares and the occasional purchase of a magazine were her only expenditures for pleasure.

But, owing to the great depreciation of the ruble, the actual expenditures were much less.

In the first place the significant problem is to ascertain the war expenditures, not simply the total expenditures.