Expenses [noun]

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Barrios was previously fined more than $4,000 by the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission for spending money from a campaign he worked on and a different political club on personal expenses.

That was a huge expense, and it just revolutionized our operation.

She instead funneled the money into her own business expenses, including covering payroll, or to pay back previous investors, the Securities and Exchange Commission alleged last year.

As if shelling out that sum one time wasn’t costly enough, kids’ prosthetics need to be replaced as they outgrow them, meaning the total expense can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Instead of raising fees on polluters, it’s instead using some of the vehicle registration fees it collects to cover the cost of the air pollution permitting program, the expenses for which have outpaced revenues.

Velocity might come at the expense of safety and efficacy, some experts worry.

So you can start to see how rent control may be accomplishing a narrow, short-term goal — making existing housing more affordable for a select group of people — at the expense of the long-term goal of making a city more affordable generally.

So if you put $1,000 into the hands of Americans, it’s actually going to help them manage those expenses much better.

Up to the present, I have not received a cent from the revolutionists or from the Spanish Government to cover these expenses.

With this object in view, he has been continually paid his salary from the judicial expenses.