Experiences [noun]

Definition of Experiences:


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Sentence/Example of Experiences:

It was piteous to see how in these intervals his delusions were always shaped by the bitterest experiences of his life.

Out of manifold experiences in the tragical annals of mankind came the terrible Ahriman.

His knowledge of the East was extraordinary, and later, when the ladies had retired, he related many curious experiences.

Her memory reverted to experiences that had made her feel as much older than the ordinary girl as she now felt at sea.

After a certain number of experiences the child learns the appearance of a square.

He had doubted whether my experiences would encourage me to increase the number to two or three.

“You had much better have written,” said I, when he came back and told me of his experiences.

During a long and active life that extended from 1698 to 1785, Oglethorpe had many experiences.

Nevertheless, if a novice drives a car in London, he can hardly avoid such experiences.

Her own like experiences seemed far away, unreal, and only half remembered.