Experiential [adjective]

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Of course, TikTok doesn’t account for a large portion of most marketers’ ad budgets, as it’s still early days for the platform and many haven’t moved TikTok out of the experiential bucket.

They include experiential stores, which debuted in Chicago last year, with gym and cafe features.

This explanation of moral knowledge fits well with a plausible theory of our knowledge of consciousness, providing a unified account of both moral and experiential knowledge.

Because we don’t want to annoy people using these platforms, whether its Snapchat or TikTok, we spend a lot of time thinking about the portfolio of content that will work in those more experiential settings.

For many agencies, especially those in experiential spaces, for example, there is simply not a lot of work.

Atlas Obscura, which makes half its annual revenue from events, had an existing experiential partnership with Airbnb that’s now virtual as well.

He must combine the elements of his past experiential complexes into a mental picture of future events as he would have them.

Harry, I have always believed that experiential lessons were the only ones of much value.

Once again, you practice the technique of visual-imagery, tapping your experiential background for this feeling.

Not just any words, but words which "ring a bell" or tap the experiential background of the subject.