Experimentally [adverb]

Definition of Experimentally:


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Sentence/Example of Experimentally:

Can any of your correspondents account for it on philosophical principles, or disprove it experimentally?

She sniffed, experimentally, sniffed again, stilling the wild throb of hope that was almost a pain at her heart.

We can follow similar relations, experimentally, by using precipitates of different colors.

And cold, bitterly cold, one gratefully withdraws beneath blankets the hand that was experimentally stretched out.

Experimentally, he waved to the massed ranks of bug things as he passed them.

Whether this is the case or not might even be decided experimentally.

Of these men one, Dr. Jesse Lazear, gave up his life to prove experimentally that yellow fever was caused by mosquitoes.

Read appears to have never succeeded in even experimentally making his plans successful.

It has been shown experimentally that a direct method of teaching spelling is more efficient than an indirect method.

Pillbot glanced overhead nervously, then experimentally slid a font down the projection.