Experimenter [noun]

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There are any number of hot drinks you could do in this large-format, fire pit mode, so I invite you to find a favorite recipe and experiment with scaling it up.

Human eyes also had a harder time spotting camouflaged plants in an online experiment, suggesting that the camouflage actually works.

This winter, as part of this grand experiment, even Coloradans might be able to snake a few linked powder turns together in untracked snow after the third run.

Still, “people have dreamt about how to do an experiment,” says Anders Nilsson of Stockholm University.

Because typically there’s nothing like a randomized experiment going on.

I, too, am of the view that the empirical work behind the experiments is well-founded.

The researchers carried out similar experiments with two different NLP systems, and three medical AIs for predicting eye disease from retinal scans, cancer from skin lesions, and kidney failure from patient records.

She’s now using her stock to run preliminary plant growth experiments.

Rafiq and Hoskins spoke as part of a Fortune roundtable last week on how the pandemic is creating the biggest workforce experiment in modern history as employees have shifted from corporate offices to working from home.

Several years ago, researchers at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and the University of Cambridge performed a series of simple experiments that could have huge implications for cooling and refrigeration.