Experiments [noun]

Definition of Experiments:

investigation, test

Opposite/Antonyms of Experiments:

Sentence/Example of Experiments:

We can readily see how this might have been, from numerous experiments made with both American and European varieties.

Her attachment to impressionism leads this artist to many experiments in color—or, as one critic wrote, "to play with color."

His discoveries were numerous, though his experiments were made under great disadvantages.

It is my belief that he never made any experiments of any consequence in strong steam.

Wolff has illustrated this point by a series of experiments on the sunflower, of which we shall quote one.

Saussure made similar experiments, and observed that the quantity of water exhaled by a sunflower amounted to about 220 lb.

The experiments detailed in the preceding table speak in a great measure for themselves, and scarcely require detailed comment.

Each of these experiments was performed on several different soils, and on their mechanical constituents.

There are in fact no experiments in which the effects of a purely mineral soil have been ascertained.

This difficulty is encountered more or less in all the other experiments, and precludes absolute conclusions.