Experts [noun]

Definition of Experts:

master, specialist

Synonyms of Experts:

Opposite/Antonyms of Experts:

Sentence/Example of Experts:

The general's share as commander-in-chief at Naples had been valued by experts at thirty-four thousand pounds.

Wherefore it was but natural that President Castle's experts found it impossible to strangle the bill in committee.

It is a question not for religious authorities to decide but for physicians, and they are to be experts in mental diseases.

Modern experts in nervous and mental diseases have sometimes spoken of these states as obsessions.

His sentence of the death penalty was then in accord with the judgment of the best mental experts.

For special subjects experts and specialists are invited, and much valuable information is often afforded.

In other words, it told you what the defense would testify; and you built up, with your professional experts, a wall to combat it.

The officers, the experts such as Lablet—quickly face and character of each swept through his mind and was as swiftly discarded.

Experts to whom this remedy was submitted were unable even to find mention of such a drug or plant as latalia rad.

The Department of Publicity in Berlin became experts on geography.