Expiating [verb]

Definition of Expiating:

make amends for

Synonyms of Expiating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Expiating:

Sentence/Example of Expiating:

Leave inquietude and remorse to those corrupt women who have cause to reproach themselves, or who have crimes to expiate.

Our former lapses require tears, shame and sorrow to expiate them.

Descended of an ancient and noble family, he was doomed to expiate a crime, of which he had been guilty, at Tyburn.

After her abdication in 1367, Petermann entered the monastery to expiate the sins and follies of his youth.

If this maiden on a Brahman casts her eye, devoid of shame, Let her expiate her folly in a pyre of blazing flame!

The Freethinker, treated as a moral leper, is driven from his home and goes abroad to expiate his sin of unorthodoxy.

For he was able to expiate sins by dying, because He both died, and not for sin of His own.

Some we read baptized to appease the wrath of the Gods and to expiate sin.

As you say, you have suffered enough already to expiate your fault.

He has made his own hell by his mistake in the past and in this incarnation he must live in it and expiate his blunder.