Expiry [noun]

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At the expiry of this term Finck entered the Danish service as general of infantry.

O thou of mighty arms, do thou, however, slay my enemies along with all their followers on the expiry of thirteen years.

The press regained its liberty through the expiry of the Licensing Act in 1679.

And so they serve their time in patience, and go home at the expiry of the sentence "without a stain on their character."

The Bloemfontein Conference was opened upon the Reformers' emancipation day, the expiry of the three years' silence.

The next point to be considered is the position of the contract labourer on the expiry of his contract.

In it we see the last gasp and final expiry of the ancient culture of the Greeks.

Here the tenancy ends on the expiry of the prescribed term, without notice to quit or any other formality.

A married woman may, however, acquire a Grazing Homestead by transfer after the expiry of five years of the term of lease.

On the expiry of his novitiate he became professor at Luxembourg, and afterwards at Lige.