Explainable [adjective]

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Certain things in it were curiously strange; not at all explainable hitherto: possibly never to be explained.

In his view, unless a thing was not merely conceivable, but even explainable, it could not exist in nature.

It is also partly explainable by the absence in Prussia of an old tradition of refinement and culture.

As it was a new one, it had evidently been subjected to some quick strain, not explainable by any appearance of struggle.

It was not explainable that what she had written did not matter at all, that James should have made no reply.

I have hopes yet that the whole matter can be referred to some mistake easily explainable when once it is discovered.

The moment at which the flight is explainable is the very moment when there was the least number of persons before the door.

There seemed no explainable origin for it, and Evelyn's mind at once turned to the supernatural.

This is in the scalp, sir, and I believe that this is explainable on the elastic recoil of the tissues of the skin, sir.

This inconsistency in the work of a man so eminently gifted as Grundtvig is explainable only by his method of writing.