Explained [adjective]

Definition of Explained:

made clear

Synonyms of Explained:

Opposite/Antonyms of Explained:


Sentence/Example of Explained:

This is why it’s so important for fitness creators on TikTok to not only to show, but also explain how to do a particular movement.

That response helps explain a lot about the presidential race more broadly.

That partly explains all the team changes he’s had over the years.

The agency noted that’s the maximum allowed under state law but did not explain why it had earlier proposed a larger amount.

Normally, when rain falls the droplets are intercepted by leaves, branches, or grasses before hitting the ground, explains Ann Youberg, a senior research scientist with the Arizona Geological Survey.

State Department spokespeople did not return a request for comment when asked to explain how Bulatao reached his conclusions.

Pain in any muscle can come from being too tight or stiff, but it could also be from a weakness or if it’s not moving in the right way, explains Robertson.

Countries like South Korea and Germany that have experienced technological upheaval were able to create new high-tech jobs when some older ones disappeared, explained Massachusetts Institute of Technology economics professor Daron Acemoglu.

So, yes, you can read self-help books that explain how to form or break a habit.

They did work under the table and wouldn’t be able to qualify, or didn’t trust the government when it came offering help, he explained.