Explains [verb]

Definition of Explains:

make clear; give a reason for

Opposite/Antonyms of Explains:

Sentence/Example of Explains:

He explains the late departure of the ships for Nueva España, and the consequent mortality reported on one of them.

The need of ministers, which explains why many souls of Indian natives remain to be converted to our holy religion.

Absence of any attempt at blood regeneration explains the marked difference in the blood picture.

This evidently explains but little of the real reason both of the grant and its limitation.

Parvulorum, the wodewale is identified with the wodehake, woodpecker; whilst Hexham explains Du.

The F. text has une vielle irese, and M. Mon explains irese by angry, or full of ire.

But Burguy explains that romant is a false form, due to confusion with words rightly ending in -ant.

This probably explains its vicinity to the stately mausoleum of Ccilia Metella.

The turtle explains (l. 514) that it is better to be silent than to meddle with things which one does not understand.

THE angel explains to Mary how, without detriment to her virginity, she will become a mother.