Explanations [noun]

Definition of Explanations:

clarification; reason

Opposite/Antonyms of Explanations:

Sentence/Example of Explanations:

In all cases you must carefully comply with the rules‌ and explanations heretofore given.

It made all our explanations seem childish and untrue; the false relation was instantly exposed.

It is long, indeed, before education brings men to the point where they can criticise their first explanations of Nature.

When the home folks get really interested in a thing they are apt to demand explanations.

Here the Scot entered into explanations which threw the Cockney's brain into a complete muddle.

But scientific explanations of unpleasant phenomena are poor substitutes for scanty clothing.

Then we should be able to make amendments, to ask for conferences, to give and receive explanations.

Full explanations were made, and the force returned to bury the dead and care for the wounded.

Felix, watching me, uttered his explanations as calmly as if the matter were one of every-day significance.

An ordinary boy would have broken into a flood of explanations and palliations, but Owen simply bowed, and said nothing.