Explanatory [adjective]

Definition of Explanatory:


Opposite/Antonyms of Explanatory:

Sentence/Example of Explanatory:

The concept of a weighted blanket is pretty self-explanatory.

The weather and calendar widgets are mostly self-explanatory, offering useful information at a glance.

Both pages in this case had good heading use, although it could be argued that the headings are more explanatory and easy to skim on the post that did well.

America is enduring roughly a Pearl Harbor’s worth of death per day, minus the explanatory power of a military attack from the sky.

The first and last ones are sort of self explanatory—active apps and sites currently have access to your data, while revoked ones used to be able to access your data but can’t anymore.

Support Vox’s explanatory journalismEvery day at Vox, we aim to answer your most important questions and provide you, and our audience around the world, with information that has the power to save lives.

In a 2013 paper, Sloman studied the role the illusion of explanatory depth plays in political polarization.

While these trends may contribute, they are not fully explanatory.

I’m not going to break down the first couple because I think they’re fairly self-explanatory.

Voice of San Diego launched 15 years ago as a small team to fill a vital need for investigative and explanatory journalism.