Expletive [noun]

Definition of Expletive:

swear word; exclamation

Synonyms of Expletive:

Opposite/Antonyms of Expletive:


Sentence/Example of Expletive:

I remember listening to Walter Isaacson tell me that on the day that … the day before he died, his daughter came in, and he’d made some expletive about how she looked.

The expletive that it now behoves us to consider is one which has never been adequately treated in a book.

Probably few persons who allow themselves the enjoyment of that rather jocular expletive, the deuce!

There is in Madrid a "Calle Jesus," and the sacred name, used as a common expletive, is heard on all sides.

He blurted out his favorite expletive, lighted a new cigar, walked his room, and chafed like a caged tiger.

The other use is a kind of pious expletive, intending “I must endure it,” “I am the slave of a higher power.”

No shouts to "stand over there," and none of that "——" (groom's expletive) which is so common in our country.

I employed an expletive which I am happy to think has not escaped me for years.

She winced at his expletive, which seemed to hint of something stronger, and so was just as bad.

Every expletive that should have been forgotten, I remembered.