Explicable [adjective]

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To him who flees love, its nature is explicable; to you, who are still under its influence, it remains a riddle.

A large proportion of the good results are certainly fully explicable as the results of suggestion.

This horror is probably explicable as the result of a combination of simple horrors.

The last is well known to every penologist and explicable in general psychological terms.

Love had eyes, love had a voice that night,-love was the explicable magic lifting terrestrial to seraphic.

Throughout his Dramas all is explicable, with the single exception of Macbeth, without reference to supernaturalism.

The dulness is easily explicable by the circumstances of the composition.

If the Count were really guilty, the circumstances were all explicable.

To yourself such coincidence is explicable, it will not be to 'outsiders.'

The non-existence and the incompleteness of these plays are explicable on other grounds than those of inclination.