Exploded [verb]

Definition of Exploded:

blow up

Synonyms of Exploded:

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Sentence/Example of Exploded:

While they were talking another shell entered the small apartment, exploded, and filled the air with dust and stifling fumes.

Blazing blobs of light exploded within his brain, and then the total blackness of unconsciousness funneled down upon his brain.

On July 30, 1864 the mine was exploded, and the shape of the area after the explosion resembled a huge crater of a volcano.

When the old Ptolemaic system was exploded by Copernicus, the vaunted wisdom of men proclaimed that the Bible also was exploded.

Just the same, that bit you exploded—about the person who killed Carmack didn't hate him at all—you meant that, Beardsley!

The steam boat St. James exploded her boilers on lake Ponchartrain, and burnt to the water's edge.

It is funny, it crept up and up; and when we sat upon one vent another exploded.

When he was high over their heads he exploded with a loud "pop" and his skin fell to the ground.

"Every one of them ought to be exploded," declared Woot, who was angry because his leg still hurt him.

The second one went over my head, fell in a soft place, and exploded its energy in nothing.