Explodes [verb]

Definition of Explodes:

blow up

Synonyms of Explodes:

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Sentence/Example of Explodes:

The moment exploded on social media, inspiring jokes, memes and a surprise resurgence of the 2017 single onto Twitter’s trending topics.

The hype around cloud database developer Snowflake exploded on Wednesday, as the company’s shares more than doubled in value on their first day of trading after a high-profile initial public offering.

From Santa Cruz to Lake Tahoe, thousands of bolts of electricity exploded down onto withered grasslands and forests, some of them already hollowed out by climate-driven infestations of beetles and kiln-dried by the worst five-year drought on record.

While the app’s design and ability to foster a creative community caused it to surge onto the social media scene, it’s exploding because of the way it gathers and harnesses data to enhance the user experience.

Warren said the exploding number of cases at Metropolitan has felt inevitable to defense attorneys since the pandemic started.

Put simply, a group of mostly the same titans went from somewhat rich to stunningly expensive in just eleven months, as their prices exploded and their overall results showed zero improvement.

Since then, the number of pages eligible for those in-stream ads has exploded.

A potential spinoff would come as investors are growing excited about the possibilities of electric-car sales exploding over the next decade.

The city’s remodel would later explode in scope and helped shake loose the asbestos that triggered the attention of the San Diego County Air Pollution Control District — and led the city to rush to evacuate its own employees in January.

The first three Starship prototypes were destroyed during testing, and most recently, the fourth prototype exploded during an engine test late last month.