Exploding [verb]

Definition of Exploding:

blow up

Synonyms of Exploding:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exploding:




Sentence/Example of Exploding:

There came a "pop" like an exploding fire-cracker, and a bullet whistled past Matt's ear.

It is even more comparable to the sound produced by exploding gunpowder.

Kent told himself that Krell had spoken truth about the exploding rocket-tubes, at least.

"You were going to show me the damage the exploding tubes did," he said, and Krell nodded quickly.

They were the ordinary distress signals, exploding in the air and throwing off white stars.

A shell exploding in the cemetery, killed and wounded twenty-seven men in one regiment!

We remained several hours at their works under a heavy shelling; some few of the shells exploding in our ranks.

He did not shrink while those soft fingers went exploring the devastation wrought by the exploding shell.

She stood still on the sidewalk, exploding into tiny, staccato sentences.

No longer was there the staccato of exploding gases, but instead a thundering roar.