Exploiters [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Exploiters:

In his life's story there were no paragraphs that old Maddy was a hoarder of gold or a promoter or exploiter of things found.

“I will be the exploiter and not the accomplice of modern Satanism,” said the pious Doctor Bataille.

For skilful attempts to convert a knock into a boost, commend us to the discredited nostrum exploiter.

He then starts out as a merciless exploiter on his own account.

What is it that keeps the average workingman in subjection to the exploiter?

First, the exploiter of common labor wishes to exploit this new labor just as formerly he exploited Negro labor.

Frequently the capitalistic exploiter finds this method far more profitable than to cultivate the land himself, or to sell it.

And that is why Philippe le Bel, that great exploiter of gold, resolved to have a pope of his own.

A large fortune doubtless awaits the lucky exploiter of this distinctive "breakfast food."

Unfortunately, its scientific value to the sufferer is negligible compared with its economic value to the exploiter.