Exploits [noun]

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He distinguished himself by several military exploits, and wrote some valuable historical works.

One of the most daring exploits of these armed bands of smugglers was the famous attack upon the custom-house at Poole.

No burglar ever brags of his exploits; the poacher always boasts, and always receives applause.

And when he returned and told the story of his exploits and adventures to the King, there was never such ructions on land or sea.

The account of this man's giant strength, the narrative of hisPg 114 exploits in subduing the wild bulls, are quite Homeric.

He does not know who she is; he has performed almost superhuman exploits to win her; but there is an obstacle to their union.

Burke was in the prime of life, a strong, brave man, who delighted in daring and even dangerous exploits.

Mr. Akeley, a man famed in African hunting exploits, was to deliver a talk before a little club to which I belonged.

The epic is a narrative poem of elevated character telling generally of the exploits of heroes.

History furnishes but few records of more daring exploits than this action of the Seventh Michigan.