Explored [verb]

Definition of Explored:

investigate; survey

Synonyms of Explored:

Opposite/Antonyms of Explored:

Sentence/Example of Explored:

I found that I still felt the lure of foreign countries, and the less explored or inhabited, the better.

The fields of the sea are yet too imperfectly explored to afford us all the facts required to make out the whole story.

He had made frequent attempts to have this region explored but all his attempts were unsuccessful.

This Catacomb, with others, was explored and described by Bosio two centuries and a half ago.

These are as yet only partially explored, and promise the richest results to future examination.

Only one of the four piani in which the Catacomb is constructed being easily accessible, it has been but partially explored.

Unfortunately it could not be entirely explored, as its west part was beyond the reserved area.

Following the east shore of the river, they came to the mouth of the creek whose headwaters Mr. Bradford had explored.

But meanwhile there was a large field to be explored, where these difficulties did not arise, or could be guarded against.

Our plan threatened to be hopeless until Cousin explored the length of the log with his fingers and gave a little cry of delight.