Explores [verb]

Definition of Explores:

investigate; survey

Synonyms of Explores:

Opposite/Antonyms of Explores:

Sentence/Example of Explores:

The Spider-huntress explores the wall minutely; she runs, leaps and flies; she comes and goes, flitting to and fro.

The other dashes forward, clasps her round the body, explores her and prepares to sting her in the mouth.

This faculty explores the nature of all things just as the eye explores all that is visible in things.

It explores the soil, and interrogates it as to its contents, exactly as does the truffle-gatherer's dog.

The first, under Mr. Lander, explores the Marias Pass, the most northern and nearly in the latitude of the boundary line.

One corps is engaged in surveying and mapping while another explores and opens mines.

Now he has gone to the opposite side of the tree; off he goes again and explores another trunk.

Evan Lloyd is the one anti-Methodist satirist who explores the larger implications.

He explores his inside pockets, fishes out an envelop, and inspects it deliberate.

By his instruments he explores the infinite depths of heaven and the no less infinite depths of the microscopic world.