Explosiveness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Explosiveness:

So she said to herself many a day, and yet the great deed, in all its explosiveness, had never yet been done.

The last mentioned give rise to her explosiveness, withering sarcasm, and anger.

As a child Dudley knew that this parent was ashamed of his son's physical weakness and emotional explosiveness.

There was a moment's silence, then Burton's voice came with violent explosiveness.

The sandy-haired young man checked his explosiveness in mid-air.

Neither is it owing to a difference in their continuity or explosiveness; although f is continuous, whilst p is explosive.

"It isn't always the explosiveness of a damp that makes it dangerous, though," he went on.

The constitution of gunpowder is the cause of its explosiveness.

The quiet voice ripped abruptly into an explosiveness under which some of them cowered as under a lash.

Excess of moisture in gunpowder has a marked effect in reducing the explosiveness.