Explosives [noun]

Definition of Explosives:

something that blows up

Synonyms of Explosives:

Opposite/Antonyms of Explosives:


Sentence/Example of Explosives:

The worst loss is that of Winston's ear; high principles won't obtain high explosives.

They are prepared to make allowances for lack of shell; lack of guns; lack of high explosives.

No more searchlights by night; no more big explosives flying from the Aegean into the Dardanelles!

The liability of a person who keeps explosives is not absolute, unless he is maintaining a nuisance.

I should send them the addresses of my friends who know how to make effective explosives.

Tools and explosives were packed in and lamps lit and the order given to lower the chair.

They have not enough explosives on their cars to do all the damage they would like in London, let alone the remainder of England.

The statement that nitrogen is the base of all explosives is another example of the methods of the promoters.

He realized, therefore, that sometime men would harness explosives and use them for motor purposes.

Were that so, the chemist who studies high explosives, or who investigates deadly poisons, passes through adventures daily.