Exponent [noun]

Definition of Exponent:

person who supports, advocates

Synonyms of Exponent:

Opposite/Antonyms of Exponent:

Sentence/Example of Exponent:

She established an institute that conducted classes, wrote a book on the practice, and became one of its chief exponents in the United States.

Raising a sum to a power means leaving that sum of nematodes for the number of days specified by the exponent.

Grinding out additional decimal places of 3D critical exponents is beside the point, said Slava Rychkov, a physicist at the Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques in France who is involved in the effort.

Not as an exponent of entertainment, but as part of the group having a pleasant, homey evening.

It is this also which renders the dictionary meaning of a word, by universal remark so imperfect an exponent of its real meaning.

Nothing came of the plan, which is a pity, as each was a supreme exponent of his point of view.

Sherman was the chief Union exponent of the tactical gift that makes marches count as much as fighting.

All this prepared the way for the advent of Margaret Fuller, and brought about the condition of which she was the exponent.

Together with Schlegel he was the greatest German exponent of the works of Shakespeare.

Do you not see that he meant, ‘I am the exponent of truth, I teach you how to live; hearken unto me.’