Exporters [noun]

Definition of Exporters:

person who sells goods

Synonyms of Exporters:

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Sentence/Example of Exporters:

It says exporting an iMovie project could be up to three times faster on the new Air compared to the old one.

Governments must either disclose the destination, items, value, and licensing decisions for cyber-surveillance exports or make public the decision not to disclose those details.

Denmark is the world’s largest mink producer, with exports typically headed for the fashion industry in Asia.

The government early in the pandemic stockpiled all domestically produced face masks and banned export.

The EU—which accounts for over half of global exports—sent a majority of its used cars to countries across west and north Africa.

The three countries are Australia’s largest markets for exports of thermal coal and their shift to net zero will leave a hole in demand.

In the first half of the year, exports of medical equipment surged 46%, while exports of laptops jumped 9%.

China in August asserted the right to block the deal by adding speech recognition and recommendation technology — the core of TikTok’s global popularity — to a list of regulated exports.

Two-thirds of British mackerel and most of its herring catch is exported to the EU.

Crucially, it says it’s time for governments to bolster “cyber diplomacy” to defend a free and open internet, coming up with rules to restrict the export of repressive technologies.