Exports [verb]

Definition of Exports:

sell or trade abroad

Synonyms of Exports:

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Sentence/Example of Exports:

Clean up the list of pages you exported from GA to remove site search results, author pages, category pages, tags pages, etc.

I’m also saying that, as far as I know, they never got an export license.

While the Israeli government can revoke NSO’s license for violations of export law, the regulators do not take it on themselves to look for abuse by potential customers and aren’t involved in the company’s abuse investigations.

Obviously international is a great idea, but just like there are countries that act as tax shelters, there are countries that act as export regulation shelters.

American crop exports to China fell dramatically — as did, of course, farmers’ revenues.

Fortunately, the Keyword Magic Tool makes it easy to segment keywords by specific word groupings, and they’ll neatly categorize these for you in your export.

You could do that manually by exporting data from the interface.

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that the masks and gloves that American companies made in China are being held up by export restrictions.

An act of parliament passed, authorizing the East India company to export their own tea, duty 3d.

It is interesting to note that some other articles of customary export showed large declines in 1915 as compared with 1914.