Expository [adjective]

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Sir George Grey made a sensible speech, expository of the true condition of Canadian affairs.

Next, and (as far as date of collection goes) far less ancient, are the expository texts called the Brahmanas.

In general, the aim of all remarks on Hume's writings in the present work is expository, not controversial.

Commonness vanished before Ewart, at his expository touch all things became memorable and rare.

The result is what may be called a descriptive, narrative, expository, or argumentative style.

Definitions are of three types, denotative, expository, scientific.

Wednesday evening at 7, an expository lecture, followed by a Psalmody-class, to practise anthems and tunes.

The method is absolutely narrative and not at all expository,––entirely objective and concrete.

A considerable part of it was prepared by the editor, who drew freely upon expository works.

Spell out numbers “one” through “nine” in expository text, but use numerals in all other cases if possible.