Expostulation [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Expostulation:

M. Roland was urged to present to the throne a most earnest letter of expostulation and advice.

Never, indeed, without persuasion on the part of his employer and expostulation on his own, did he consent to half-bind a book.

Mr. Tyrold forbore to chagrin him with any strong expostulation, and he returned, therefore, to Cleves in full glee.

Expostulation was not of the slightest use, and sometimes it was all Richard could do to keep his hands off her.

It is no longer strong condemnation, but gentle expostulation; not dark threatening now, but tender pleading.

This mild expostulation of the host seemed not without its effect, for the impending quarrel passed harmlessly away.

For there was consternation in his voice, as he continued in vehement expostulation against the idea.

He begins a long expostulation: "How is it that the two people dearer to him than all the world have so betrayed his trust?"

Lady Janet lifted her bright black eyes in mute expostulation to the carved Cupids and wreaths on the dining-room ceiling.

He would not allow Polly an instant for expostulation; but drew her out, saying, 'You will attend to the gates yourself.