Exposures [noun]

Definition of Exposures:

uncovering; putting in view or danger

Opposite/Antonyms of Exposures:

Sentence/Example of Exposures:

Children must grow up in them subject to the limitations, restrictions and exposures their walls compel.

The same principle can be applied to camera exposures, if so desired, by the following plan.

The Red Desert of Wyoming is mostly sandy but there are large exposures of rock and gravel.

But though existing under so great a variety of exposures, it must not be inferred that it can come to perfection in them all.

I was afraid he would become impatient, and made fewer exposures than I might otherwise have done.

In this particular case, at two exposures the star was too faint to print its image upon the plate.

He was subject to attacks of rheumatism, due to his age, and many exposures in the past.

"I got that picture by using a speed of thirty thousand times the normal sixteen exposures per second," replied Dr. Bird.

So many exposures of mistakes in the estimate of age from these have been made, that the whole is looked upon with suspicion.

This country is an extremely difficult one for us all, so little is yet quite reliably finished, as exposures are so scarce.