Expounds [verb]

Definition of Expounds:

talk about in great detail

Synonyms of Expounds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Expounds:

Sentence/Example of Expounds:

We will not attempt, within the compass of a few short chapters, to expound continuously its wonderful text.

In the terms of the petition the lecturer was to expound the Commedia for the benefit of "etiam non grammatici."

At first, he did not attempt to annoy her; but, in time, some one was found cruel enough to expound to him the English common law.

But it is a craven apology if we stoop to expound: we are seen as pleading our case before the public.

To understand and expound them not for scholars but for the people, calls for a combination of gifts bestowed upon very few.

Morsfield has lived a good deal among our neighbours, who expound the physiology of women.

Such is a bare outline of the thought in this passage, to attempt to expound or illustrate which would be to spoil it.

Everybody had a chance to speak and expound the texts, whether he knew anything about them or not.

All these three writers pretended to expound Aristotle's views of the passive intellect rather than propound their own.

So may be elucidated problems which neither metaphysical speculation nor historical research has proved adequate to expound.