Expresses [verb]

Definition of Expresses:

articulate; signify, mean

Synonyms of Expresses:

Opposite/Antonyms of Expresses:

Sentence/Example of Expresses:

The workings of the heavens are expressed through the contrasting interplay of light and dark.

Your furry buddies might not express these behaviors while you’re around, but you can keep a watchful eye on them with a well-placed camera.

Fused people, in other words, appeared to be censoring statements largely because of their substance, not for the offensive way they were expressed.

How frustrating to have such a rich mental life and be stuck with such poor resources for expressing it!

During the hearing, Borgeas expressed concern that other cities would see what San Diego was doing and want to alter their revenue-sharing responsibilities, too.

That is to say those Yang Gangers not already running for Congress haven’t folded up their tents but have headed instead for Yang’s Humanity Forward organization, formed for the express purpose of giving direct economic relief to Americans.

People could also just be inept at figuring out what will make them happy in love, or struggle to express what they want a romantic partner to be like.

When San Diego Unified officials announced Monday that the district would only offer online learning in the fall, families across the region expressed overwhelming concern about how it all might work and what it would mean for them.

First, the family was twice refused the non-refoulement interviews, after they expressed fear of being returned to Mexico.

Philip Lindsley, a founding attorney at the San Diego Elder Law Center, expressed a similar view.