Expressionless [adjective]

Definition of Expressionless:

having a blank look on face

Synonyms of Expressionless:

Opposite/Antonyms of Expressionless:

Sentence/Example of Expressionless:

So her nouveau is a poignant expression not just of this year’s harvest, but of the year itself.

Disembodied heads appear to be literally detached in several photos that simulate decapitation, a chilling visual expression of death.

It’s part of a movement to stop reflexively dismissing culture created for and by teenage girls and to instead celebrate that culture as its own form of aesthetic expression.

The systems then try to find a correlation between the quantity and quality of these expressions and voting patterns.

Now, anticipating a month that could bring about even more unrest, she harbors the same steady focus on the importance of free expression.

To be clear, this is not a shift in our underlying philosophy or strong support of free expression.

I don’t like to overuse the expression, but we literally abandoned them when the need for monitoring was the highest, when the need for quality assurance was the highest.

The expression was a quick acknowledgment of an inquiry Ewing knew would be coming during his virtual Big East media day session Wednesday.

I remember the shocked expressions of my college friends when they were talking about an upcoming presidential election and I casually mentioned that I wasn’t sure I was going to vote.

Zuckerberg, Pichai and Dorsey each sought to defend Section 230, arguing it is what allows them to keep their platforms open to expression.