Expressions [noun]

Definition of Expressions:


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Sentence/Example of Expressions:

And with some expressions of mutual good-will and interest, master and man separated.

The intellectual temperament finds voice in many great expressions, which are very Dante and also very Thomas, as Par.

She embraced Otteline; and gave him her hand to kiss, with repeated expressions of future confidence in the husband of her friend.

But in such expressions as "I am rather tired," equivalent to "I am a little tired," the explanation is not so obvious.

She passed the box to her neighbor, who uttered similar expressions to her own.

Dorothy met the request, so humbly made, with heart-felt expressions of gratitude.

Thats an imitation of the stilted expressions of the Japs and Chinks, interrupted Chetwood.

His examples include the expressions 'coitron de la cuisine,' and 'un quistroun de sa quisyne.'

In visits of congratulation, go in, and be hearty in your expressions of interest and sympathy.

Expressions truly sublime, and which contain the whole philosophy of politics.