Expressiveness [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Expressiveness:

Compared to other types of records and expressive mediums, the internet is ephemeral.

The women Toulouse-Lautrec painted step out of the paintings to the surprise of the painter, conceived as an expressive puppet designed by James Ortiz and worked by company member Ryan Lisa.

Everything here is less than $200, a reflection of Madcap’s strong belief that “good design need not be expensive, only expressive,” Loecke says.

If big, expressive eyes can indicate the smacking of lips, these do.

Moreover, by the time he reaches college it is too late to teach him even common, idiomatic expressiveness.

Not vitality merely, but a wonderful sort of expressiveness—it is the mood of all their work.

It is to be regretted that dramatic singers of this day pay so little attention to purely tonal expressiveness.

Baron broke out, with a sudden expressiveness which made his voice, as it fell upon his ear, strike him as the voice of another.

He is impelled to an expressiveness of voice, manner and action that often looks like pretence to less impulsive people.

It recognizes no distinctions or castes; it is the very expressiveness of democracy.