Expressway [noun]

Definition of Expressway:

large, well-travelled road

Synonyms of Expressway:

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Sentence/Example of Expressway:

This can be done through new technologies such as what are seen deployed in Singapore like green link determinings systems, parking guidance systems, and expressway monitoring systems allowing for enhanced traffic awareness and guidance.

Of course, when we turned off of Stemmons Expressway, we knew then that we were headed toward Parkland.

After we got out to Stemmons—they'd set up a roadblock just as you entered Stemmons Expressway.

This is from that part of Elm Street that goes into the expressway?

That would be the railroad overpass over Stemmons Expressway service road.

It's over Stemmons Expressway; in other words, they make that turn off Elm and go up.

Then there is a road, the highway continues on to the west, a little south, is that what you call the Stemmons Expressway?

I was to assist some other officers in stopping traffic on the expressway to allow the motorcade to get onto it.

Let's see, the railroad track, where the railroad tracks go over Stemmons Expressway.

I remember it is right beside the expressway and in about that area.