Expropriates [verb]

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Barrs would not come to expropriate his cauliflowers and early potatoes.

The old theory was that the state would expropriate this industry and become the employer of all engaged in it.

In taking over the waterways the Realm acquires the right to expropriate, to fix rates, and to administer the river police system.

Our watchword must be: to arm the proletariat so that it may defeat, expropriate, and disarm the bourgeoisie.

The State makes him pay taxes; it ventures to expropriate him for the public good.

To expropriate such owners can by no means be a desire of the Socialistic proletariat.

The Government has the right to expropriate land for the purpose of excavations.

This becomes clear as soon as an attempt is made to expropriate anything.

Capitalism has expropriated the human race, the General Strike aims to expropriate capitalism.

The state may expropriate any work after the death of an author on paying to the proprietor a compensation named by three experts.