Expropriation [noun]

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Marx found something more in the nature of a driving force in his class hostility based on expropriation and injustice.

They are making such inconceivable blunders as the expropriation of the Poles and the colonization scheme of Posen.

Like Bismarck, he enforced in Poland the inexorable policy of expropriation and appropriation.

A new system of expropriation has been adopted since 1910 by the City.

Henceforth, the promptness of expropriation will save him from total ruin.

For, after all, it is interest which impoverishes the peasant and leads to his expropriation.

As a general principle, we must condemn the expropriation of any nation which is in effective occupation of the soil.

Central board, see below Local government.Chamberlain's views on compulsory expropriation, iii.

Therefore, no matter which plan of expropriation were adopted, the state would make a great number of new enemies.

The doctrine of the Class War is a holy faith, the expropriation of property-owners is a divine task.